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about Erla Björk Tryggvadóttir:

Many kids dream of winning trophies, I always dreamt of training horses. There is really nothing I would rather do.


I started training horses professionally in 1999 and went on to get my horse training degree from the University of Hólar eleven years later. To hone my skills even further I worked for skilled trainers like Einar Öder Magnússon, Sigurður Matthíasson and Lena Zielinski, went to Germany, Sweden and even the US.


In 2011 my partner and I bought our own farm, where I have been training horses for happy clients ever since.


My personal approach to training is also my candor and honesty. I would never tell you something about your horse that I don´t believe. You can trust me to help you make the right decisions for your horse. I look forward to working with you!


our services


training for sale

We excel at training and selling horses. After consultation with you we will train your horse accordingly and make sure to train it to its full potential. We have a proven track record of connecting horses with buyers right after training. Making buyers, sellers and horses equally happy.


training your riding horses

If you need help with your horse, we are here for you. We do a lot of bridle work, tölt/gait work and getting horses more used to the world. Making scared horses calm and sleepy horses more responsive, so you have fun and feel safe riding your horse.


starting young horses right

We are not calling it “breaking in” because we don´t break horses, we make sure to start young horses right, so they will be easy and good riding horses laying the ground work for their future career – be it competition horses or family horses.

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