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our philosophy

Like many stables our breeding is focused on competition horses with wide and high movements – the X factor. What is equally, if not more, important to us is the character though. We want powerful but clear minded horses that are always willing to please.


The first horse bred on the farm is Bára frá Hvoli 2, she has a beautiful character and will always be our standard.


Our stallion Mári frá Hvoli 2 (first price with 8.18) was born in 2012 and he is exceeding all our expectations. He has strength and power and extreme movements in all five gaits while at the same time we would still trust him with our kids.

We are looking forward to meeting our newest foals in summer - actually breeding makes summer our favourtie time of year.


Some of our offspring is available for sale.​

Our first prize stallion Mari frá Hvoli II
breeding Icelandic horses horses in Iceland

Mári frá Hvoli 2

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