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Rent a mare for breeding in Iceland

lease a mare for breeding

Do you live abroad but have fallen in love with a stallion in Iceland? Or have you seen one of our beautiful mares and feel that her offspring would be just what you are looking for? We have the perfect opportunity for you: a program where you can lease a mare for breeding.

This is how it works:

The lease is on-farm, meaning the mare stays with us. We handle everything: transportation to the stallion, ultrasounds, and care until the foal is weaned. Rest assured, we’ll treat the foal as our own. 


What if you don’t have a stallion in mind?:

We can suggest the perfect stallion for you. Located near Selfoss, we have access to many top Icelandic stallions. In the past our renters have uses super stars like Spuni frá Vesturkoti, Skýr frá Skálakoti, Hrannar frá Flugumýri II or his son Viðar frá Skör, Álfaklettur frá Syðri-Gegnishólum and Ljúfur frá Torfunesi or hot newcomers like Vonandi frá Halakoti.

You might also consider our own first-prize stallion, Mári frá Hvoli 2, assessed with 8.18.


Rót frá Stærri-Bæ

the first price mare

Rót is a talented first prize mare. With relatively little training, she scored 8.20 for ridden abilities and 8.01 total. All her gaits are equal good and balanced. She has very clean beat and good speed variation. Her father is world championship horse and first prize stallion Glaður frá Brattholti. Her mother Viðja frá Stærri-Bæ is out of first prize stallion Leistur frá Álftagerði 8.30. Rót also has a great character that she has given to all her foals. They are well built with high movements.


Mist frá Torfunesi

2. prize mare with incredible pedigree

Mist frá Torfunesi is a stunningly pretty FIZO shown mare who received 7.79 as a four gaiter (8 for tölt, walk, gallop, spirit and general impression). She was competing until 2016 and only after that she became a breeding mare. The father of Mist is no other than honorary stallion Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu í Landeyjum famous Orri son. On the mothers side (Mánadís frá Torfunesi 8.21) her siblings are world famous stallions like Máttur frá Torfunesi 8.52, Möttull frá Torfunesi 8.34, Karl frá Torfunesi 8.51 and Mozart frá Torfunesi 8.43. Her sister Myrkva frá Torfunesi 8.47 was awarded honorary price for offspring.


Krá frá Syðra-Skörðugili

Shown mare after famous Smári frá Skagaströnd .

Krá is a Tölt machine. She has endless clean Tölt and can be ridden by literally everyone because of her great character. She is super fun. She was shown with 7.7. Her father is the great Smári frá Skagaströnd. Who was shown with 8.67 for ridden abilities with 9 for Tölt and is a son of Safír frá Viðvík 8.35. Smári is father to horses like honorary stallion and Lansmót winner in 4 gait (twice!) Loki frá Selfossi. Krás mother is first price mare Krossa frá Syðra-Skörðugili - a daugher of first price stallion Mergur frá Syðra-Skörðugili. Krá has given very nice offsprings with strong tölt abilities and sweet character. Just like she is.


Fura frá Efra-Hvoli

high lifting mare with good confirmation and amazing pedigree

Her mother is honorary mare Pandra frà Reykjavík 8.27. Pandra is a daughter of honorary stallion Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I 8.45 and first price mare Perla frá Ölvaldsstöðum 8.01.

Furas father is Àlfarinn frà Selfossi a very talented competition (Worldcup) horse that has done exceptional in competition and is also first price with 8.65. Àlfarinn of cause is after honorary stallion Keilir frá Miðsitju 8.63 and maybe the best mare of all times, honorary mare Álfadís frá Selfossi 8.31.

Fura has a BLUP of 112.

Hvoll 2 Eldur frá Torfunesi.jpg

Lóa frá Vesturkoti

the world class pedigree

Lóa frá Vesturkoti ist eine hübsche braune Stute mit weltklasse Abstammung, die sich im Training toll gemacht. Ihr Vater ist der Ehrenpreishengst Hágangur frá Narfastöðum 8.31, ein Sohn von des berühmten Glampi frá Vatnsleysu 8.35, der für seine Nachkommen Elite ausgezeichnet wurde und der Ehrenpreisstute Hera frá Herríðarhóli 8.23. Lóas Mutter ist Líf frá Þúfu í Landeyjum 8.12, damit ist Lóa eine Schwester des großartigen Hengstes Leikur frá Vesturkoti - Meistaradeild-Sieger im Viergang 2022. Líf stammt aus Logi frá Skarði 8.4 und Ófeig frá Þúfu í Landeyjum 8.23. Eine tolle Stute mit sehr spannender Abstammung, mit ihr kann man tolle Blutlinien in die eigene Zucht einbringen. Ihr erstes Fohlen aus Ehrenpreishengst Spuni frá Vesturkoti war direkt bei Geburt wunderschön gebaut und vielversprechend. Ihr diesjähriges Fohlen (Foto links) ist aus Ehrenpreishengst Eldur frá Torfunesi. Eine wunderschöne Stute mit auffällig hohen Bewegungen, 


Andrea frá Hvoli II

the beauty queen

Andrea is from our own breeding. She had three foals in our “lease a mare” program with the one and only Spuni frá Vesturkoti. All her foals so far have turned out amazing. Pretty, tall and with movement. Andrea is after first price stallion Andri frá Vatnsleysu (8.38) and a mare after Frosti frá Heiði (8.27). Andrea is a sister of our first prize stallion Mári frá Hvoli 2.


Gletta frá Skíðbakka I 

the creme gene guarantee

Gletta has a very rare color. She has the double cream gene and will therefore always pass one creme gen on to her offspring. Meaning with a red stallion she will have a palomino foal, with a brown stallion most likely a buckskin foal and with another creme stallion there is a 50% chance to breed one of these rare beauties - a double cream foal. Besides her special color Gletta has a lot of tölt and has given very elegant offspring with good tölt. She had three stunnning buckskin pinto mares all with honorary stallion Þristur frá Feti. Gletta is an incredibly sweet horse who has been in completion with small children.


Næturdrottning frá Brú

the giant with the gentle soul 

We were supposed to sell Næturdrottning but we were so amazed with her high lifting gaits and spirit that we had to own her. We have trained most of her sisters and all of them are fantastic, all 145-150 cm tall, high lifting but super safe riding horses. Næturdrottning herself is 148 cm tall. She is a very good five gaited mare with high and well separated movements but at the same time she is super save and one of the few horses we trust our kids with. Her father is Þokki frá Kýrholti 8.73 (9.04 ridden abilities). She had two foals this far. Ugla frá Hvoli II after Spaði frá Stuðlum. She just started her training and is very promising and her mothers cute character. The second one is Dimmadís frá Hvoli II a breathtaking beauty. So pretty that the breeders of her father inquired after her - she ist after Spuni frá Vesturkoti.


Rá frá Nýjabæ

our favourite sweetheart

Rá is very special to us. We owned her brother a FIZO shown stallion. To this day we regret selling him, because he was so much fun to ride and safe even for the tiniest baby. Rá has the same amazing temperament and she also has very nice gaits, great tölt and good movements. Rá is after the first price stallion Aljón frá Nýjabæ who is a son of Landsmót winner Fróði frá Staðartungu. Her mum is a FIZO shown mare after Dagur frá Kjarnholtum I. Her three foals are exactly like her.

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