lease a mare for breeding

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Do you live abroad but have fallen in love with a stallion in Iceland and you simply need to own one of his foals? Or have you seen one of our beautiful mares and feel that her offspring would be just what you are looking for? We have the perfect opportunity for you. We have developed a program where you can lease a mare for breeding.

This is how it works:

the lease is a on farm lease. Meaning the mare will stay with us for the entire time. We will bring her to the stallion or arrange for transportation, pick her up, make sure she gets an ultrasound... Everything until the weaning of the foal - we got you covered! You can also be sure that we will give the foal excellent care, we will care for it like we care for our own.


What if you don’t have a stallion in mind?:

We are more than happy to make suggestions and help you find the perfect stallion. We are very conveniently located near Selfoss, meaning a lot of the absolute top stallions in the whole of Iceland are very close by and we are well connected. Or you might like our own first price stallion Mári frá Hvoli 2 who was assessed with 8.18.


Hera frá Stóra-Sandfelli 2

the superstar

Hera is a beautiful first price mare and her father is the legendary Gustur frá Holi. She has 8.52 for rideability, with 9 for pace and spirit. They called her eager and enthusiastic and we agree. Her offspring is just as amazing as she is. Her oldest son is a first price stallion with extremely high movement. This mare is one of a kind.


Andrea frá Hvoli II

the beauty queen

Andrea is from out own breeding. She is having her third foal within the “lease a mare” program this year with the one and only Spuni frá Vesturkoti. Andrea convinced this otherwise quite hard to get stallion with a photo of hers - she is a strikingly pretty and tall buckskin. All her foals so fare have turned out amazing. Pretty, tall and with movement. Andrea is after first price stallion Andri frá Vatnsleysu (8.38) and a mare after Frosti frá Heiði (8.27).


Gunnhildur frá Borg

the personal favourite

We love her character. She adores humans, is great to ride while having very high movement. She is a daughter of Forseti frá Vorsabæ II (8.58). She has had one foal with Spaði frá Stuðlum and one with Stáli frá Kjarri. Both look very promising. Gunnhildur is a dark bay with no white markings. With a palomino stallion there is a good chance she will get a buckskin foal. On her mothers side Gunnhildur is decenden from Orri frá Þúfu.

Drottning fra Skardi.jpg

Drottning frá Skarði

the first price mare

Drottning is an exciting first price mare evaluated with 8.04 in total. Her father is non other than the legendary stallion Ófeigur frá Flugumýri. Her mother ist a second price mare after Kolskeggur frá Kjarnholtum I. All her offspring are very good riding horses with even gaits and lots of tölt. Drottning is a beautiful bay dun with an expressive face. She is eager and enthusiastic when ridden.


Molda frá Egilsstöðum

the cream gene

A beautiful buckskin. With great spirit, forward going but always under control. She has strong tölt with high movements that was judged with 7.58. Her oldest foal is already assessed with a 7,99 in total. With 8,5 for tölt and trot and a 9 for spirit. Molda has already had 3 buckskin foals and with her cream gene she could also have an palomino foal. We expect her to produce many more promising foals.

Gletta Hvoll2 rent icleandic mare.jpg

Gletta frá Skíðbakka I 

the creme gene guarante

Gletta has a very rare and special color. She has the double cream gene and will therefore always pass one creme gen on to her offspring. Meaning with a red stallion she will have a palomino foal, with a brown stallion most likely a buckskin foal and with another creme stallion there is a 50% chance to breed one of these rare beauties - a double cream foal. Besides her special color Gletta has a lot of tölt and has given very elegant offspring with good tölt. She had a stunnning buckskin pinto mare with Þristur frá Feti.