Vala, born 2013, mare

Updated: Jun 30

Highly talented mare for breeding and sports

Meet Vala, born 2013, she is an incredibly talented first price mare for breeding or competition. She was assessed with 8.11 and has a BLUP of 120. She is a very tall (144) and pretty bay mare. She has an incredibly pretty neck. Valas brother, on her mothers side, is Viðar frá Skör, the highest judged 5 year old stallion in 2019. Her father is the first price stallion and competition horse Kristall frá Auðsholtshjáleigu (8.31 as a four gaiter). Her mother Vár frá Auðsholtshjáleigu is a first price mare too, assessed with 8.36. Vala is five gaited and carries herself extremely well, she has a lot of tölt with clear beat and high wide movements. She is stunning to look at but also a lot of fun to ride. She is eager and enthusiastic. All other gaits are equally good and well separated. She has good speed in tölt and we could easily see her as a great competition horse in five gait and T1. With more practice in T2 as well.

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