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Skvísa, born 2015, mare

Cute tölt mare with interesting pedigree

Skvísa is a 2015 born cute black mare with a little star, she has excellent pedigree with both of her parents being first prize with especially high marks for tölt.

Her father is Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A who got 8.34 as a 4. gaiter with 9.5 for Tölt and first price for offspring.

FF: Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum 8.45

FM: Bryðja frá Húsatóftum 7.91

Her mother is Gola frá Efsta-Dal II an elegant fist prize mare with 8.27 total, 8.5 for rideability with 9 for tölt who has already given a first price offspring. She is a daughter of Gustur frá Grund 8.28.

Skvísa is very easy in tölt and is fun to ride, she is 5 gaited. Her pace has not been trained yet but is it feels like it would be very easy. She can use all her 5 gaits and would be a fun horse to develop on. Skvísa would love to have her person. I can see her fitting wonderful with a young rider that wants to develop together with her. She is not for total beginners because she is not un reactive, but she is not sensitive either. She is 137 cm, so slight under average, but can easy carry a rider as she is strong and very happy to work.

Her pedigree also makes her interesting for breeding or at least have a travelling partner in her belly and leave Iceland pregnant.

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