Sýr, born 2012, mare

Updated: Apr 28

Good friend and five gaited competition horse

Sýr is a pretty black 8 year old mare, that was shown for confirmation and received 8.14. She is 143 cm tall. Sýr is a five gaiter with even gaits and potential, all her gaits are equally strong and she can develop a lot further with the right training. She is sweet to ride but can be a little uncertain when you go for the first ride after a break, but this is also positively developing so she is showing this less and less. I could see someone making a real friend in her she loves following people around running with them and she could be a good horse to compete in 5 gait.

Sýrs father is the first price stallion Kappi frá Kommu who was assessed with 8.51 as a four gaiter and has been evaluated first price for his offspring, Kappi is a son of the famous Orri son Þristur frá Feti. Her mother is after the famous first price stallion Þorri frá Þúfu who also received first price and honory price for his offspring. From the same mother as Sýr another mare has already been evaluated first price and all the other siblings are very exciting with big movements. Sýr has a BLUP of 108 and could also be quite exciting if you are thinking of breeding her.

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