Rakel, born 2018, mare

Updated: Nov 3

Cuddly tall mare pregnant with exiting FIZO shown stallion

Rakel is a very cute liver chestnut mare with a blase. Rakel loves people and is very eager to make humans happy so we believe she will be easy to train. Her father is Flinkur frá Steinnesi a stunning young stallion that has already been shown for confirmation and received 8.47 and he was measured 150 cm tall. Rakel herself is also very tall and she shows trot and tölt running free.

The super exiting part. She is pregnant with Rúrik frá Halakoti - a young and crazy stunning FIZO evaluated bucksin pinto stallion. He has been on his first FIZO this year at the age of 4 and has already received 7.84 (8.16 for confirmation) and we are very sure he will go way higher with more training. Out of his 6 siblings from the mum 4 are already first price.

His pedigree is amazing:

F: Thór-Steinn frá Kjartansstöðum (8.42)

FF: Vilmundur frá Feti (honory stallion)

FM: Þota frá Hólum (8.14)

FMF: Kolfinnur frá Kjarnholtum I (honory stallion)

M: Álfarún frá Halakoti (8.37)

MF: Álfasteinn frá Selfossi (honory stallion)

MM: Oddrún frá Halakoti (8.25)

There is a high chance that the foal will carry the cream gene and 50% that it will be a pinto.

Here is a video of Rúrik from his fizo show: