Píla, born 2018, mare

Updated: Jul 21

Small horse, big chance!

Cute Píla, born 2018, was her mothers first born foal and was born late in the year so we are not expecting her to become a tall horse, but we know that there are some of you out there who actually prefer a smaller horse. We are taking a wild guess and are saying she will maybe be 138cm. And Píla is quite amazing. She has a BLUP of 112, is after Gola frá Nautabúi who has beautiful big and roomy movements and was assessed second price with 7.86. And her father is Trymbill fra Stóra-Ási who has done amazing things on the breeding and competition track (2. place at Landsmót). He has been assessed first price with 9.01 for rideability – with 10 for pace! Píla herself shows long strides and seems to be promising as a 5 gaiter. She is black with no white markings. Her price is very fair for a horse of her caliber. So for the right person this is an amazing opportunity.

For more information on this cutie give us a call +354 69 55 664

Father Trymbill fra Stóra-Ási

Mother Gola frá Nautabúi

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