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Nagli, born 2011, gelding

Updated: May 7

Beautiful tall gelding

Nagli is a very tall, 148 cm, beautiful gray gelding. Nagli has a fun and sweet character and it is a delight to have him in the stable. He is 5 gaited but ridden as a 4 gaiter. He has big movements but needs a bit of a rider for his gaits. He has good gaits, listens well to commands and can go fast in Tölt. He is always under control. He is not a horse for beginners, but someone that knows a little will be very happy with him and have a lot of fun. Nagli thrives with the confidence of his rider. An insecure or scared rider will make him insecure as well. A confident rider will have nothing but fun. Nagli has excellent pedigree. His father is honorary Sveinn-Hervar frá Þúfu his mother Sónata frá Kolsholti 2 was shown with 7.9 without pace.

Looking forward to hear from you.

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