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Kvika, born 2017, pregnant mare

talented mare, pregnant with Vökull frá Efri-Brú 8.37 as a 4 gaiter

Kvika is a natrual tölter with a light step and beautiful movements. She has good speed range, is light on the rains and reacts well to aids. She fits a lot of riders but not beginners as she is 5m trained. Her owners are an amazing trainer and a vet - so she has gotten only the best in her upbringing.

Kvika is born 2017, 139-140 tall.

F: Hraunar fra Hrosshaga (8.24 as a 4 years old 4 gaiter with 9.5 for slow Tölt and 9 for tölt, trott, spirit and general impression.)

FF: Kjarni frá Þjóðólfshaga 1 8.3 and 1. prize for offspring

M: Harpa frá Nautabúi (2. prize 4 gaited mare)

MF: Tenór frá Stóra-Ási 8.11

Kvika is pregnant with top stallion Vökull frá Efri-Brú who has 8.37 as a 4 gaiter with 9.5 for general impression and 9 for tölt, trott, canter and spirit. He is extremely tall with huge strides and high leg action and also a successful competition horse. Video below.

F: honorary stallion Arður frá Brautarholti 8.49

M: Kjalvör frá Efri-Brú mother of 5 excellent first prize offspring.

For further information call +354 69 55 664 or send us an email. Or find us at @hvoll2 on social media.


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