Kilja, born 2012, mare

Pretty mare pregnant with exciting splash stallion

Kilja is a very pretty black mare. She is about 142 cm tall and elegant built. She’s 10 years old and about 3 months trained. She shows lots of tölt. She’s a little sensitive so we rather see her with a little more experienced rider for now. Her father is Þórketill frá Kjartansstöðum, he’s FIZO shown and competing in Austria.

Kilja is confirmed pregnant by Bassi frá Þjóðólfshaga 1 a very cool 4 year old black stallion with splash gene. He was shown for confirmation and received 8.18. Bassi inherited the splash gene form Jarl frá Búðardal many generations back, which is super interesting for breeding splash horses because he is not related to most other famous splash stallions.

His pedigree is very exciting:

F: Baldur frá Þjóðólfshaga 1 (8.17 as a four gaiter)

FF: Krákur frá Blesastöðum 1A (8.30 as a four gaiter and first price for offspring)

FM: Blæja frá Lýtingsstöðum (8.24 as a four gaiter and very successful competition horse)

M: Hera frá Kálfholti (8.11 as a four gaiter)

MF: Asi frá Kálfholti (8.23)

MM: Dimma frá Kálfholti (8.03)

Here is are some pictures of the stunner Bassi: