Gola, born 2008, mare

Breeding mare with very wide movements and exciting offspring

Gola is a pretty bay mare, 12 years old, that has been evaluated second price with 7.86 after less than one year of training when she by far had not reached her full potential. Her father Tenór frá Stóra-Ási has also been evaluated first price with 8.11 as a four gaiter and is a famous competition horse. Two of her sisters have been priced in breeding shows, her full sister Harpa is also for sale with us. Gola has a pretty neck, shoulders and back and carries herself really well. She has big movements with especially high leg action in tölt, trot and pace, but all gaits are good and well separated. She has a sweet and easy temper that she has passed on to her offspring. Gola has had 3 pretty mare foals so far, her oldest daughter has already started training and is very promising. Gola has a BLUP of 107 and would be a great mare for your breeding. In June we expect a foal from Gola and Þinur frá Enni, Gola can be sold with or without this foal. Þinur frá Enni has been evaluated first price with 8.34 as a four gaiter and has received fantastic marks of 9 for tölt, trot, spirit and general impression and 9.5 for gallop. Þinur is a son of Eldur frá Torfunesi a first price stallion who has been assessed with 8.60 himself and has received first price for his offspring. His mother Sending frá Enni was also evaluated first price with 8.31 as a four gaiter. This foal from Gola and Þinur will have a BLUP of 114. And if you want to find out more about Gola´s offspring we also have one of her daughters Píla for sale.

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