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Freyja, born 2012, mare

Amazing mare

Freyja is special to me, I got her as a younger mare and have trained her and she is a big favorite in the stable with everyone. She is a tall and beautiful black mare that grabs your eye. Riding her is always so much fun and she is the type of horse that you can use for anything. You can take her on horse tours or a beach ride or even to smaller competitions. Easy to ride but at the same time she is a very cool four gaiter with lots of good tölt. All other gaits are very well sepearated and easy to ride. She handles all kind of situations well, not scared of anything and fun forward but always under control.

She has a great character with personality. She is a sweet princess. All normal experienced riders can ride her. She is not for beginners, not because she is too sensitive but because we think it would not make her happy. She is very light on the rains and reacts well to all aids. So she would be happiest with a rider who appreciates her great wish to do exactly what is asked of her.

Her father is Dagur frá Hjarðartúni 8.07 and Icelandic champion in four gait in the young riders class. Dagur has given exciting offspring who got good scores in breeding shows and he is after the great honorary stallion Sær frá Bakkakoti. Her mum is after Spuni frá Miðsitju 8.33. She has a BLUP of 102 and could also be interesting for breeding.

Looking forward hearing from you.

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