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Freising, born 2020, mare

Updated: Aug 13

Stunningly beautiful young mare

Freisting means temptation. The perfect name, because when I came to pick her up the farmer said that he was tempted to hide this beautiful mare. Freisting´s father is Auður frá Hvoli II who is from my own breeding. Auður is after the honorary price stallion Gaumur frá Auðsholtshjáleigu and my favourite mare ever Flúð frá Vorsabæ II, an amazing second price mare (7.91) that I also competed on. Freisting was born 2020. She is a tall bay dun with a star. She is tall with lots of mane and tail - she turns heads because she is so stunning. She has a lot of Tölt. With her sweet character she will be a very fun riding horse.

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