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Fúsi, born 2015, gelding

Sweet, tall, amazing Tölt - for competition or just to enjoy

Fúsi is a 8 year old SUPER nice gelding. Super cool 5 gaited project that can go a lot further. He has sweet character and is for all riders that know a little. Not for a total beginner because his moves are too big but really sweet.

He has great Tölt and can be trained for T2 easily. He has clean beat, high moves and is fun forward and under control. There is already some loose rain tölt in the video.  He needs more pace training but has a lot of potential in pace and could also be a cool 5g completion horse. Is not scared of things and very fun and cooperative to ride. He is also really tall with 145-146. His owner owns the only horse swimming facility in Iceland where he was in training. So he has nice muscles from that also 😀.

He is after Hálfmáni frá Hjallanesi 1 who is a son of first prize Salvador frá Hjallanesi 1 8.14 and second prize mare Hrund frá Reykjavík.

Fúsis mom is Skíma frá Galtalæk II after first prize stallion and World championship horse Sambó frá Skarði 8.11.

For further information call +354 69 55 664 or send us an email. Or find us at @hvoll2 on social media.

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