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Lára, born 2015, mare

tall Tölt mare with a lot of potential

Lára is a very tall and stunning looking 7 year old five gaited mare. Her tölt is effortless and good - no wonder, her first prize mom has 9 for Tölt. Her other gaits are very even and equally good tough. She is lots of fun to ride and has a good speed range in Tölt.

She is still young and her pace is not trained yet but could be trained. She could do nice in competitions or would also be interesting for breeding because she has an amazing pedigree. Lára is about 143-145 cm tall and has a BLUP of 109. Lára has not reached her full potential and there is room to grow for her together with her new rider. She has a lovely character and is an respectful well mannered mare.

This is her pedigree:

F: Prinsinn frá Efra-Hvoli 8.40

FF: honorary Stallion Álfur frá Selfossi

FFF: honorary stallion Orri frá Þúfu

FFM: honorary mare Álfadís frá Selfossi

FM: Perla frá Ölvaldsstöðum 8.10

M: Hvönn frá Langholtsparti 8.02

MF: honorary Stallion Markús frá Langholtsparti

MM: Björk frá Hafnarfirði 7.66

Lára is about 143-145 cm tall and has a BLUP of 109.

For further information call +354 69 55 664 or send us an email.

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