Óskahringur frá Miðási, born 2008, first price stallion

First price stallion, Superstar and Children's horse

We are honored and exited to be able to offer you a superstar horse. Óskahringur frá Miðási. This amazing first price stallion received 8.37 at Landsmót 2014 with 9 for trot, pace and spirit and is a fantastic competition horse. He has proven himself over and over again, like when he came in 9th in A-flokkur in Landsmót 2018 and 6st in the Icelandic championships in 5 gait in 2018. This is an experienced competition horse that could take their new rider very, very far in 5 gate competition. Since Óskahringur has amazing character he could also be the perfect horse to take a younger rider all the way to the top. He is sweet enough for small kids to ride him and great character is just as important in our opinion and he really has it all! He is stunningly beautiful. Jet black with a star and with one blue eye. So he has the splash gen. Óskahringur has been enjoying some time with the ladies, so he is not in competition shape right now but could easily pick up training again or he could be your great stallion for breeding. This is an fantastic opportunity to bring best quality and amazing blood line into your breeding. Óskahringur is after Hróður frá Refsstöðum. First price, first price for offspring and honorary price stallion. Nothing to add here. His mother is also a first price mare, Ósk frá Hestheimum, who has given 3 first price offspring already.

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