Aría, born 2014, mare

Talented young mare

Aría is a cool opportunity if you are looking for a mare you can finish the tölt training yourself. She is with us for tölt training and is doing really well. We think with more training she will be a fine four gaiter who could do well in competitions. We recently sold the brother of Aría and she has the same great mindset, easy to handle and good character that makes a wonderful riding horse. Her mother is a daughter of Sproti frá Sjávarborg world champion in pace. Her father is Bikar frá Syðri-Reykjum who was shown with 8.18 as a four gaiter and he is also a very successful four gaited competition horse in 2019 he participated in the world championship for Norway. Aría is willing so we would not recommend her for a beginner.

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