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Adrían frá Garðshorni daughter, born 2019, mare

Talented stunning young mare

This young beauty was born 2019 and is already ridden for a few months. She has a very positive mindset and interesting gaits, she is 5 gaited and has wide, good movements. She still young and needs to develop muscles and balance but I see a lot of talent in her and believe her gaits will be really good with more training. I think she is an exciting project to train for FIZO later. She has very cool pedigree.

F: Adrían frá Garðshorni á Þelamörk 8.63 (9,5 for Tölt)

FF: honorary stallion Hágangur frá Narfastöðum

FM: honorary mare Elding frá Lambanesi

M: Gerpla frá Geitaskarði 8.08 (9 for pace)

MF: honorary stallion Þóroddur frá Þóroddsstöðum

MM: Bylgja frá Svignaskarði 8.09

She therefore has a BLUP of 117.

Her stable manners are very good, she has the sweetest eyes and most pretty look. I would call her an elegant beauty.

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